6 worst Fortnite rip-offs as of 2022

Fortnite is quite popular in the gaming industry. It has over a million active players that join the loop for fun. The game is based on a battle royale genre with unique characteristics and originality.

It also has a key concept of building structures, which makes the game different from other battle royale games currently available in the market. It also provides a diverse metaverse for players, who can do various other activities instead of only experiencing combat-oriented battles.

Due to its popularity, the game has faced a lot of mixed reactions over a period of time. This also includes various legal lawsuits and rip-offs. Rip-offs are concepts used for a design/game copy that doesn’t appear to be as good as the original version. The Fortnite community has noticed a wide range of these rip-offs that are hard to look at.

6 worst Fortnite rip-offs as of 2022 include Athena Battle Royale, Build Now GG, and more

1) Athena Battle Royale


Athena Battle Royale is a third-person POV game where a player aims to be the last one standing. It drops players on a huge island alongside 99 others to compete for the victory.

This game-mode is available on Roblox, where players are also given the opportunity to create their own games. It has a battle map that is an exact copy from Chapter 1 Season 4 of Fortnite. There are several glitches and copies of the base design from the game that include weapons as well.

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2) 1v1 Battle


The 1v1 Battle game can be played on mobile devices as well as PC. The game uses a simple flat area for a maximum of 4 players to join-in and fight. These players can respawn and have the ability to build what is a direct copy of Fortnite. Players have widely used this game to practice when the servers are down or the game is updating.

3) Build Now GG


This game opens up a lobby similar to its original inspiration but does not have complex or wide rarity sections. Several game modes are available, ranging from Edit Practice to Zone Wars, and more.

It has the similar building mechanics from Fortnite. A mild feature provides players with the opportunity to shoot their respective guns without having to reload it. It also has different servers that bring players to the island with no components except a green terrain.

4) Battle Royale


This is another rip-off orginated from the Roblox world named “Battle Royale.” It has a leaderboard that’s connected worldwide to the stats of players and V-Bucks spent. These rip-off V-Bucks can be bought by Robux.

The map itself looks small and is largely pixelated to blocks and cube combinations. It has the same concept of building and breaking structures with various skin cosmetics.

5) Build Royale


The game has similar concepts to Fortnite but with one major twist. The full POV for players in this game is an overhead display.

Players get to experience a 2D plane and combat other players. Only walls can be built and the game is prone to be easily hacked. A bunch of hackers and modders can be found in matches using different exploits, something which cannot be easily done in Fortnite.

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6) Pixel Battle Royale


In this game, players are given the option to directly hop into a match with various pre-designed skins. The terrain has a desert outlook with a defined inventory setup to access. It launches players from the spawn island to a plane, which then drops the off into a map for some heavy action.

Unfortunately, the game has very little to no active members in comparison to Fortnite. It has no building concept included, making it heavily dependent on weapon combat and aim.

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