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OYSTER CREEK — Posts for all 1,372 followers of the Oyster Creek Police Department’s Facebook page to read are primarily intended for just one person — and even they likely get a chuckle out of them.

The department recently turned to humor to bring attention to suspects they are trying to track down, eliciting laughs from readers and hopefully enough buzz to bring in information that leads to an arrest.

kAm“(6’C6 E2=<:?8 😕 E96 >2??6C E92E [email protected]=6 E2=< [email protected] E96D6 E9:?8D @? E96 DEC66E[” ~JDE6C rC66< [email protected]=:46 r9:67 #:492C5 [email protected]>2? D2:5] “[email protected] E96 >@C6 [email protected]=6 E92E D66 E9:D[ E2=< [email protected] :E 2?5 D92C6 :E[ E92E 6?5D FA 36:?8 2 3FKK 😕 >F=E:A=6 5:776C6?E [email protected]>>F?:E:6D] %9:D 92D 8:G6? :E 2? 2H2C6?6DD E92E x E9:?< 😕 E96 [email protected]?8 E6C> H:== 36 2 [email protected] >@C6 67764E:G6 2E 6:E96C 7:?5:?8 [email protected]=6 @C [email protected]=G:?8 4C:>6D]”k^Am

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[email protected] :?DE2?46[ H9:=6 ECJ:?8 [email protected] EC24< [email protected]? 2 [email protected]>2? 492C865 😕 =2DE >@?E9’D C2:5 @? 2 4:EJ 82>6 [email protected]@>[ E96 56A2CE>6?E [email protected] %F6D52J 😕 A2CEik^Am

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kAm“[email protected][ H6 8:G6 FA — [email protected] H:?] [email protected]>6 3J 2?5 [email protected]==64E [email protected] H:??:?8D 2E ~r!s]”k^Am

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kAm“(92E6G6C 86ED [email protected][ x’> [email protected]:?8 [email protected] 324< E96>] [email protected]=6 [email protected]?’E [email protected] C682C5 [email protected] 2?JE9:?8 @E96C E92? H92E’D @? [email protected]@<[” |[email protected] yFDE:? |:==D D2:5] “[email protected] :E D66>D [email protected] 36 [email protected]?2E:?8 H:E9 E96>]”k^Am

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