Maharashtra: Raj Thackeray condemns ‘derogatory’ Facebook post on Sharad Pawar | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: MNS chief Raj Thackeray hits out at Marathi actor Ketaki Chitale, for allegedly sharing an objectionable post on her Facebook page against NCP supremo Sharad Pawar.
Releasing a letter on twitter, Raj Thackeray has expressed his displeasure over Ketki Chitale’s post.

“A person named Ketaki Chitale had gone to a very low level and published a post on Facebook with something like a verse in dirty words. Below is the name of some Bhave. This kind of writing has no place in Maharashtra’s culture. We strongly protest against this. It is completely wrong for her or that Bhave to write this against Sharad Pawar who has been working in Maharashtra politics for many years. Thoughts have to be fought with thoughts. We can understand a light joke or something. We also know about humor. Such criticism is not new to Maharashtra! We have differences with them and will remain so. But coming to such a dirty level is clearly wrong. This is not the culture of Maharashtra. Writing like this is not a tendency, but a mental disorder which has to be cured on time,” Thackeray said in his letter.
Thackeray said that Maharashtra’s tradition must not be taken to such a low level.
“To this day, great men, saints and innumerable intelligent thinkers in Maharashtra have taught us to call the good, good and the bad, bad. The expectation is that no one should take the tradition of this state to a lower level. The people who are writing the post…are they real or is it just to start a new controversy? Because these four or two perverted people create a rift in the society. Society collapses. Even the rulers must have understood how low the level of hatred has come down. All this needs to be tackled in time in Maharashtra. Because Maharashtra has a different identity. Therefore, the state government should take care of this and take care of these things immediately,” Thackeray said.

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