Dr Disrespect is hosting a $100,000 Zero Build Fortnite tournament later this month

The popularity of Fortnite’s Zero Build mode is rolling on. Dr Disrespect is set to host a new Zero Build tournament, the streamer announced today. The Hot Shot Duo Drop will take place on May 27 and will feature a $100,000 prize pool.

There have already been several Zero Build tournaments to date, with various rulesets. Dr Disrespect’s tournament is a duos kill race, with players dropping into public lobbies and scoring points by registering as many eliminations as possible over a set amount of time. 

While excitement around Dr Disrespect and his events remains high, there is still a question surrounding his streams and other undertakings, such as this tournament: Can streamers on Twitch participate? That was the exact question on the mind of Full Squad Gaming’s Jake Lucky, too.

While the legal battle between the Doc and Twitch is apparently over, his channel remains banned indefinitely. As such, no one on Twitch can broadcast themselves playing with Dr Disrespect since broadcasting the play of a banned user violates Twitch’s terms of service.

It’s unclear, then, just how Twitch will handle any possible streamers wanting to participate in this event and stream themselves while playing in it. The promotional material features a picture of Dr Disrespect, but his name is nowhere to be found in the actual title of the tournament. That may be intentional, trying to provide Twitch streamers a loophole by which they can participate. Still, the relationship between Twitch and the Doc is frosty at best, meaning it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Twitch ban users from streaming themselves playing in the event anyway.

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The Hot Shot Duo Drop is scheduled to begin on May 27 at 3pm CT. Viewers can most likely expect more information on the tournament and its participants in the next week or so.

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