5 memorable Valkyrae and Sykkuno moments

YouTube Gaming streamers Valkyrae and Sykkuno have a very close relationship. The two met on the OfflineTV Minecraft server a few years ago and have been good friends ever since.

The two currently live in the same house alongside fellow streamers Fuslie, Miyoung and Yvonnie, although Sykkuno is planning to move back to Las Vegas in the near future. The two have a very close personal and professional relationship, with Rae even appearing in his announcement video when he signed with YouTube Gaming.

With the two streamers interacting regularly, there’s no shortage of great moments featuring the two of them. In this list, we take a look at the best moments shared between the powerhouse streamers.

Top 5 moments between Valkyrae and Sykkuno

5) Rae and Sykkuno recognized in public

Once, the two streamers went out in public to do an IRL stream with Disguised Toast. While at a bookstore, a fan approached Rae and asked the two of them to take a picture with her.

Afterwards, Sykkuno noticed that the fan never gave any indication that she knew who he was, probably only having him in the picture because he was hanging out with Rae.

Sykkuno later reacted to the moment on stream, stating almost the exact same thing he said at the time without realizing it:

“I said the same thing. Oh my god, that’s crazy.”

4) Sykkuno moves in with Rae


When Valkyrae decided to move in with Miyoung, she announced that another friend of hers would be moving in as well. To some fans’ surprise, it was Sykkuno, who she said would be living with them for a couple of months.

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Living under the same roof would lead to them spending more time together, appearing on each other’s streams and posting more photos and videos on social media.

Although Sykkuno recently announced that he would be moving back to Las Vegas soon, he did say that he would someday return to the house with Rae.

3) Rae calls out Sykkuno for acting awkward on purpose

After moving in with Valkyrae, Fuslie, Miyoung and Yvonnie, Sykkuno posed for a photo with the streamers. Fans noted that he looked a bit awkward and uncomfortable. Rae addressed the photo on her stream, saying that it was an intentional move by him.

She further explained that he said out loud to the girls that he would try to look as uncomfortable as possible for the picture.

“It is what he does. Sykkuno does it on purpose. He knows his brand alright. I am going to say it out loud because some of you are falling for it. He’s a genius.”

Sykkuno’s brand revolves around his quiet and shy demeanor. He’s aware that’s how people see him and that reputation has made him very popular, so he sometimes chooses to lean into it.

2) Rae, Sykkuno and xQc share Fortnite victory

In one of the streaming duo’s best gaming moments, they won a game of Fortnite they played with xQc, the biggest streamer on Twitch.

Valkyrae has stated in the past that she finds xQc to be a bit intimidating, but playing alongside Sykkuno puts her more at ease.

“Sykkuno has like this barrier where you feel safe.”

She did say that there was nothing personal between her and xQc, that her fears stemmed more from her own social anxiety. The three did end up playing Fortnite together on a few occasions, winning in their first match. While xQc was his typically outspoken self, Sykkuno’s more low key demeanor helped balance it out.

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1) Sykkuno and Valkyrae finally hug

and yes.. he finally hugged me back after all these years lol 🥲

View image on Twitter

and yes.. he finally hugged me back after all these years lol 🥲 https://t.co/88ZfRNpllc

When Sykkuno recently signed an exclusivity deal to move over to YouTube Gaming, he released an announcement video on his Twitter account. Valkyrae made a brief appearance in the video as she was already signed with the platform.

On Twitter, she posted a photo from the set of the video shoot, where she hugged Sykkuno and he embraced her as well. For years, Rae noted that while she would regularly hug Sykkuno, he wouldn’t hug her back.

This is likely attributed to his trademark bashful nature. With the move to YouTube being a big moment in his career, it was nice to see him finally hugging his friend back.

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