Xbox Pac-Man players are better than perfect

Leaderboards are often rife with cheaters, but spotting them can be tough. In the case of a game like Pac-Man where the best possible score is widely known, though, it’s a bit trickier to sneak through those hoax high scores…

Due to a memory issue, only the first 255 boards of 1980’s Pac-Man can be cleared — a bug causes the right side of screen 256 to be filled with junk data, replacing many of the dots and therefore not having enough for the game to register the level as having been completed. Assuming perfect play in every early level to eat all four ghosts with each energiser for maximum points (they stop working altogether after round 18), eating both bonus fruit/items in every level, and not losing a single life (you can use these later to eat nine glitched dots on the right side of the kill screen, which respawn when you die), the maximum possible score you can get is 3,333,360, which several players have achieved and documented.

The perfect game of Pac-Man

With that in mind, has anyone managed to replicate this in Game Pass compilation Pac-Man Museum+ yet, despite its technical issues? No… but some have apparently done even better.

At the time of writing, four Pac-Man prodigies have somehow managed to score more points than the game even has up for grabs — one by just a few thousand, while the next two have basically trebled the record, and the top score is a ridiculous 100 million, thirty times the maximum score it’s possible to reach in Pac-Man. At least try to make your fake scores convincing, folks…

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