Tiidal Gaming Group Corp says its Sportsflare subsidiary releases new esports betting solution with ‘flash bets’

Tiidal Gaming Group Corp (CSE:TIDL) announced that its wholly-owned technology division Sportsflare has released Esports 3.0, a new end-to-end esports betting solution. 

The new first-of-its-kind technology offering enables bettors to make ‘flash bets’ for popular esports titles, including League of Legends and Dota 2, Tiidal said. 

Through Esports 3.0, bettors will be able to place wagers on in-game outcomes, numerous times within a single game, which will significantly increase the attractiveness of esports betting within a sportsbook’s operations. 

“In addition to having the most player markets and highest number of available esports betting markets, we have released Esports 3.0, an improved esports betting product that brings the first ‘flash-betting solution’ to the esports space, for League of Legends and Dota 2,” Max Polaczuk, Tiidal’s chief technology officer said in a statement. 

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Sportsflare developed Esports 3.0 to solve the disconnect between live wagering odds and data streaming, in order to offer a seamless user experience for in-play esports betting. The new offering provides real-time visualizations of games and dynamic changing of odds based on the gameplay. 

“Currently, we see a major disconnect between bettings odds and data streams in the industry. Esports 3.0 helps sportsbooks overcome this problem and as a result, puts Sportsflare in a unique position to capitalize on new opportunities,” Polaczuk commented. 

Esports 3.0 will provide sportsbooks with a single integration to its full suite of previously listed products including Betbuilder, MicroMarkets, Esports Odds and Bet-on-Yourself, which will now be converted into functionalities of this new offering, as well as the new ‘flash markets’ feature to power their esports content. 

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Tiidal said Esports 3.0 offers a significant expansion in the addressable market for Sportsflare’s products due to the addition of ‘flash betting’ and represents the company’s commitment to building the best state-of-the-art esports betting solutions and providing the best risk and trading of esports odds in the industry. 

Tiidal Gaming is a leading media and technology platform enabling next-generation engagement in esports and gaming. It is positioned at the intersection of gaming, media, and betting and enables its partners to create positive, engaging, and immersive fan and consumer experiences through its industry-leading media and technology offerings. 

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