Apple named world’s most valuable brand as Facebook falls

The increase came amid a tumultuous business climate including continuing complications from the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and rising inflation. Smith suggested the best way to weather the disruptive marketplace is by investing in brand building.

Successful strategies include growing product lines to move into new categories while appealing to consumer demands for more sustainable brands.

Tesla, which has won fans with its environmentally-friendly electric vehicles, jumped to 29th place, up from 47th last year. Kantar attributed the rise to Tesla becoming more of a mainstream brand.

Chinese brands are becoming increasingly valuable–a shift Kantar largely attributes to the country’s domestic market. “There’s a little bit of a home-field advantage for a lot of Chinese brands,” said Smith. Only a few Chinese brands are getting notable revenue from U.S. consumers. TikTok is the only Chinese brand that gets over 1% of its value from the U.S. as it works to strengthen its presence in the region. 

Despite moves to regulate Chinese tech companies in the U.S., China’s global cloud computing software is also gaining value with U.S. consumers–30 to 40% of companies in the U.S. would consider using Alibaba Cloud or Tencent Cloud, due to service quality and price affordability, according to Kantar BrandZ’s latest B2B equity surveys. Chinese telephone services such as Huawei and home appliance company Haier are expanding abroad and could gain traction in the U.S. although there are constraints with international trading regulations, according to Kantar.

Chinese consumers are also partly behind the rise in the value of luxury brands, a category that grew by 45%, according to Kantar. Louis Vuitton is the first luxury brand to crack the top 10, which Kantar attributed to the industry’s growth both worldwide and in China.

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